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  • Product display

    產品展示 / 定制制作

    Cooperation case

    合作案例 / 一流服務

    Service & Maintenance

    服務&維修 / 品質保障

    • 我方為展出現場制作立體效果圖。

      We Will Design The Stereo Effect And Scenelayout For The Exhibition And So On

    • 為客戶提供電氣控成等技術指導和維護。

      Provide The Guiding And Maintenance Of Electrical Control
      configurationof Double Control Box And The Describe Diagrams Of The Cpu To Customers
    • 將大型恐龍拆分,運到展出地,并為客戶提供現場安裝的服務。

      The Large Dinosaurs Will Be Splited And Transported To The Display
      we Provide The Site Installation Services To Customers
    • 一年的產品維護期,提供非人為破壞的產品修復服務。

      One Year Of Product Maintenance Period
      provide Non-human Damage Product Repalr Service

    News Center


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